I was originally born in Malaysia, but my ethnicity is Chinese. My family immigrated to Canada to give me the chance at a good education and a better life.

The way I grew up was a very traditional mindset.

I did everything the right way.

Got good grades.

Went to a good school.

Lots of extracurriculars.

Got a bachelor’s degree.

Corporate job. 


My dad used to have a very traditional mindset when it came to school and my career growing up.

On one hand, my dad would tell me to always commit to University and a good career.


My mom on the other hand actually supported me quite a bit when it came to entrepreneurship.

One of the things that really got me hooked on entrepreneurship was my mom enrolling me into a high school program called “Junior Achievement”.

This was my ‘first’ start as a business owner (minus the dog poop business I started when I was 10).

Anyhow, the program basically took a group of high school kids and actually helped us launch a business.

So while in the program, I ended up selling collapsible water bottles.

I did this for a couple years and got some amazing experience from it.

But then I graduated high school and went straight into University for my Bachelors Degree in Commerce.

In year 1 of university, I decided to actually start a window cleaning/house painting business.

That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!

I was 18 with hardly any business experience.

I took a loan, borrowed money from my parents, and bought everything I needed to start this business

I didn't really know the value of money

I didn’t really know the value of money, but I knew I wanted a lot of it due to the struggles growing up.

So I started doing a ton of research into online businesses I could start.

The usual like affiliate marketing, ecomm, FBA, etc. etc.

First thing I tried was network marketing with a company called “Amway”. Don’t even need to say much about that lol.

Then a couple months later…

I landed on a course on how to start a marketing agency.

Now granted, it was a crappy course but got me my start in this online world.

Started hustling and doing free work for a couple months.

I cold called every day, knocked on doors, and went to networking events.

Pretty much what I knew from running a painting business.

Didn’t get a client from any of that.

Pretty embarrassing when you’ve announced to friends and family that you quit your job and ditched law school to start a biz.

Well 2 months later, I finally landed a $2,000 a month client.

That first client changed everything for me.

It solidified that I could do this.

That first client was so damn difficult to get.

But after that, I started landing clients left and right.

6 months later I was doing about $15,000 a month.

Linked up with a business partner and we ended up scaling the business to over 50k/month in about 16 months.

Had one month where we grew it to 96k/mo with a combination of D4Y & DWY offers, but I don’t really like to count it.

During the course of those 2 years, I actually became a digital nomad and moved across the world away from Canada.

Nick Tan Clickfunnels Agency Profits
Nick Tan Agency Profits

I moved to Vietnam for 6 months

I moved to Vietnam for 6 months, then Bali for 6 months, then Malaysia for 1 year.

I met my amazing girlfriend in Malaysia as she was doing an exchange from the UK.

We hit it off and I decided to move to the UK with her for a year.

My business partner and I split shortly after I made the move.

So now I’m managing my agency and working with others to start and grow their agency.

Since going off on my own and starting from scratch, I received my 2 comma club award from Clickfunnels, which is crazy.

I owe my life to my marketing agency.

We now consistently do 100k months.

If it can help others the way it has helped me, I’m all for it.

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