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Top 15 Most Profitable Niches for 2022

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Top 15 Most Profitable Niches for 2022

Hey, Nick Tan here.

I wanted to share with you my picks for the Top 15 Most Profitable Niches for 2022 and my reasons behind why.

One of the biggest barriers of getting into the marketing space is choosing the correct niche.

All too often, people end up never getting started because they simply can’t decide!

My goal is to do the hard work for you, so that way you have ZERO excuse when it comes to starting your agency.

So without further adieu, here are my Top 15 Most Profitable Niches for 2022, the 2.0 version.

1. HVAC & Plumbing

This is one of the industries I’ve seen absolute massive growth in the past year. Not only that, HVAC is a service that essentially sells itself, which means you can ensure your clients are getting amazing results. There are tons of companies out there that are looking to scale up and grow with digital ads as a lot of them are still focused on “hope marketing” aka word of mouth. They have big budgets and you can typically charge $3,000 per month.

2. Kitchen & Bath Remodelling

This is not only a niche that’s been tried and true…but homeowners are investing a ton into their homes. As people have been stuck in their home for the last year and a half, people want to ensure that their homes are comfortable. As more businesses and offices move to the hybrid office (work from home 2 days a week and the rest at the office), people will want to make their homes as comfortable as possible. Not only that, but they are tired of purchasing leads from 3rd party lead vendors and would much rather work with an agency. Retainers range $2,000 – $5,000 per month. Not only that, but this niche will normally sign long term contracts as the ROI is almost always there for them, considering an average remodel can be upwards of $40,000.

3. Decking and Patio Builders

This niche has absolutely blown up this year. For the very same reason as home remodelers, people are spending much more time at home and learning to love their backyards. As a result, we’ve just seen this space completely blow up. In fact, we had a decking company reach out to us for help in their marketing and we ended up signing a $6,000/month retainer with them. This is a highly underrated space, with the majority of people never even thinking of this as a niche!

4. Coaches & Consultants

There are a ton of new coaches who are looking for support in their marketing. Majority are extremely good at coaching, but not necessarily good at their own marketing. They know their audience and who they want to serve, so generally they want someone who can handle the “tech” side, so they can simply focus on the coaching side. Coaches and consultants also have MASSIVE margins, so they can easily pay upwards of $4,000+ per month.

5. Ju Jitsu Gyms

I’ve actually seen a ton of ju jitsu gyms in my area that are currently running ads. I spoke to one of the coaches at a boxing gym I go to and they are seeing incredible ROIs. A lot of people are bored of just lifting weights, so a ton of people are doing ju jitsu. Not only that, but there are a ton of programs for kids. This makes it super easy to create offers for businesses in this niche. I recommend charging $1500 per month.

6. Boxing Gyms

For the same reason as gyms, except with a slight twist. Boxing is becoming a very large trend, with all the celebrity boxing fights happening right now. I am actually a member at a boxing gym and after talking to them, many people are wanting to try boxing. Not only that, but the average boxing member is worth about $1,500 lifetime value. This makes getting an ROI for boxing gyms really easy. You can target franchises or more local boxing gyms. You’re able to charge $1,000 – $2,000 per month in this space.

7. Pest Control

This is such an underrated niche. If you set up the right offer and you know who they’re ideal client is, you can absolutely smash it in this niche. A lot of people in this niche don’t have any online presence at all, which means not much for competition. I highly recommend this niche and you can charge $2500 or more per month.

8. Family Lawyers

Again, unfortunately there are a lot of divorces happening during the pandemic. This is also a pretty underrated niche as most people don’t really ever think about helping family lawyers generate leads. I haven’t seen many agencies in this space, but the ones who are in this space are absolutely crushing it. This is a very good thing, as it shows there’s a ton of opportunities! I would charge upwards of $3,000 per month for this niche.

9. Accountants

One of the craziest things we’ve seen this year, is simply the amount of new businesses that were started up. Many people realized that their 9-5’s were not that “safe and stable” anymore and took matters into their own hands. We’ve seen such a large uptick in startups. We know that means they need accountants. Again, a very underrated niche. You definitely have to learn the lingo, but if you can learn the lingo, this is a very profitable niche. I personally pay my accountant $7,000 a year to handle my finances, which means that this is a very high ticket niche and you can get an ROI for them. Not a lot of competition in this niche, so you can definitely charge a little more, upwards of $3,000 to $5,000 per month.

10. Autobody Shops

Another lowkey and underrated niche. My friend owns a car shop and they on average charge their customers upwards of $2,000 – $5,000 for autobody. This allows them to get a massive ROI and they don’t really have a strong online presence. Again, it’s super underrated and you can get them amazing results. Not only that, but they have decent margins, so you should be charging them $2,000 per month or more for ads.

11. Crypto Companies

I’m sure you’ve seen the hype around crypto. If it’s something you’re passionate about then there’s a ton of opportunity for you to help companies start advertising. I’ve seen a ton of YT & Tiktok Ads recently. It’s a new opportunity and you can be charging a ton of money each month to run their ads.

12. Health and wellness

Anything in the health and wellness space right now is doing extremely well. People want to better themselves and be as healthy as possible. Relatively new space with a ton of opportunity to get clients in. One of the other major benefits of this is that the ad campaigns for this space would be pretty simple as the demand is already quite high. I would charge $1,000 – $2,000 in this space.

13. CBD & Cannabis Companies

As it becomes widely accepted and legalized, it’s worth mentioning that this is a booming industry. There are obviously a lot of guidelines and compliance with marketing platforms, but if you’re willing to go through those hurdles, this can be extremely PROFITABLE. I’ve heard of people charging $10,000 per month or more in this space.

14. SAAS Companies

Software companies always need marketing. They want a continuous flow of new users, so they’re typically spending tons of money on ads. On top of that, they usually have outside investors so they usually have deep pockets for investing in ads without the emotional fear. It can be tricky to land one of these clients, but I’ve heard people charging anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 per month!

15. Realtors

Finally, realtors! This is a fantastic niche as it’s extremely high ticket, but the demand is absolutely insane right now. There are so many realtors and new ones starting up every single day. You will never run out of realtors to prospect and they are willing to pay for good quality leads. One of the students in my program recently signed a $1,500 per month deal for a lead generation campaign. You can’t really charge more than that, but due to how many realtors there are, you can sign more clients in this space than the average niche. Highly, highly recommend this space!

So that’s my top 15 picks for 2022!

I hope this helps you get unstuck and allows you to move forward in your agency.

Remember, niching down is only one part of the New Age Agency model.

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All the best,

Nick Tan

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